As we watch the sun go down,

I want to let you know,
my love for you is forever;
I'll never let you go.
You're the one I've been searching for,
the one I've finally found;
without you in my life,
my world wouldn't go round.
The love you bring into my heart,
which is so true and kind,
is something in no other
I could truly find.

You're the only one for me.
God tells me so
deep within my heart, mind, body and soul.
Today isn't just an ordinary Valentine's Day.
It's all about me and you,
about the love we share,
and how it will forever continue to grow.
It's not all about the chocolates or the dozen roses;
it's about the love we found,
how much we've been blessed.
Everything happens for a reason.
I believe this statement is true;
that's why you were sent to me
and I was sent to you.
I've never been more happy,
as I've been with you.
Even through the rough times,
we always make it through;
To be with you for eternity
is all I want for me and you.
All I want to say,
on our very first Valentine's Day, is:
I may not be your first love,
but I promise, with all my heart,
that I will be that one from up above,
your one and only, true love!