You think you have control,

But I am the one who has it.

You do not, not in the least bit.
I make you cry because if I don't, then people wonder why.
You thought you were loved, but now you're lost.
I took over you mind, and that was your cost.
You are so blind; people have told you, but you didn't listen.
Now I laugh because your eyes don't even glisten.
I am the reason you cannot sleep.
I am pain that hurts so bad,
But you are in too deep.

You never knew what you had; you looked to see.
Now you're the person you're not wanting to be.
I am the reason why you can't love,
Because you don't know what's up above
You love me and no one else.
I took your life away
On that very first day.
I still have control; I am your confession.
You sold your soul to me,
Which led you into deep depression.
You'll never be free
Because you belong to me.
I long for you to relapse
As I push you down until you collapse.
I am the reason you can't look people in the eyes
Because I make you wear a disguise.
I keep you locked in a cage,
Which causes you to have a deep rage.
I made you feel unaware, and I really don't care.
I am all you fear,
Which causes you all these tears.
I am always right, so you think.
I make you so scared you cannot blink.
I took away all your trust,
Made it so you could only lust.
I don't care how you feel,
Because, between you and me, you will never heal.
I tear you down inside, which all you can do is deny.
I knew you would come to me on the day of your birth.
I took all you were ever worth.
You think you are okay, but I have something to say.
You thought you were bold.
Now you're sitting here crying, wondering why I am so cold.
I took you away from all your youth.
I also made it so you could never tell the truth.
I am the reason that causes you death.
I sneak upon and take your last breath.
Can you guess who I am?
I am Crystal Meth.