The shooting stars we used to see,

Up in the sky, just you and me,
Those are the times I hold so dear,
Laughing, joking, we had no fear.

We laughed so hard our sides would ache,
The memories that we would make,
So much to share and full of life,
How could you leave your kids and wife?

And put your family in so much danger,
You wonder why I have such anger?
The evil one, he stole your heart,
And all who loved you from the start,

Began to die a little each day,
Until the worst came our way,
It grips, it binds you and won't let go,
You said, "I won't stop, I love it so,"

This person you turned out to be,
Was not the same I used to see,
You beg, steal, cheat, and lie,
Those you hurt all still cry.

You laugh, and say, "This is so fun! I love
to create chaos with everyone!"
You are so sick, my heart it breaks,
I mourned your death and it still aches,

Some would tell me, "Just move on."
They would not listen to me carry on,
Imagine grieving someone still alive.
Do you know what it's like? Do you care inside?

Who could steal from their mother?
Attack their sister? Deceive the other?
His father's fingers bent so far,
They still hurt and left a scar,

To all who loved you, you deceived,
We trusted you, and we believed,
But the evil one I think might be,
The one I thought was you I see.

So, when I see a shooting star,
I'll think of you. But not as you are.