When sleepless I lie,

As the hours slip by,
I go walking the paths back home.
I hear the meadowlark's song
As I amble along
In this fanciful way that I roam.

As my memories clutter,
A tractor's soft mutter
Is providing new chocolate brown fields
For the ground to be seeded
When spring planting is needed.
A plan for which all nature yields.

A tinkling cowbell
Tells me all is now well
With the herd contentedly grazing.
Mother cows keep an eye,
While their newborns race by
With a speed that is simply amazing.

Thunderclouds overhead
Start to fill me with dread,
For I know that soon it will storm.
I cannot complain.
In fact, I love rain
As long as I'm in where it's warm.

As my feet stir the dust
I know that I must
Leave my childhood memories behind.
Still, it's a comfort to know
That wherever I go,
They will always be there in my mind.