That monkey on your back,

He's a tricky little guy.
I thought that he was dead and gone.
I thought he said goodbye.

That monkey on your back?
Turns out it was just a slumber.
He woke up and came back into your life,
Like the booming clap of thunder!

That monkey on your back,
He's grabbed ahold of you.
His grasp is so insanely strong,
I'm at a loss for what to do...

That monkey on your back,
He's creeping into your mind.
You don't see what you're doing.
You've gone completely blind.

That monkey on your back?
He only cares about one thing.
He'll do anything to get it.
He doesn't care about the sting.

That monkey on your back?
He'll distract you at all costs!
As long as he has what HE wants,
He doesn't care what YOU have lost!

That monkey on your back...
He made you lock the door
So I couldn't get to you,
When you were dying on the floor...

That monkey on your back?
I hope he dies and goes to hell!
I'm scared that if he doesn't,
You'll end up dead or in a cell.

That monkey on your back...
I want him to go away...
But I'm scared that you'll go with him.
I don't want that, STAY!

That monkey on your back,
He gives a false sense of love.
But when you're standing on the ledge,
He'll provide the final shove...

That monkey on your back,
With spoon and needle in hand.
He won't stop until you're dead,
On your last trip to Neverland.

That monkey on your back or me.
One of us has to go!
The ball is in your court. Your choice.
It's time, please let me know.

Please let me know you love me.
That I'm more important than that ape.
Please tell me that you're ready
To get your life back into shape.

Please let me know I'm worth it,
Because my love is much too strong!
I can't lose you to this addiction!
Please! Come back where you belong!

Please let me know you hear me,
That my cries don't go unheard.
I know you're lost. I'll find you!
I'll search endlessly undeterred!

I'll search if there's a reason,
Even the smallest glimpse of light!
I'll search until I find you,
If you're willing to put up the fight!

This battle will not be easy!
Don't worry! I'm on your side!
There will be wounds and scars and blood and tears,
But in the end you will feel pride!

You'll be proud you won this battle,
Against that monkey on your back!
And next time you'll see him coming,
With his surprise sneak attack.

So you won't let him get you,
Because you will be prepared.
And I'll be there, on your side.
If war he has declared.