Welcome, welcome,

step right up.
I'll give you confidence,
I'll bring you luck!

I'll be your friend,
A companion for life.
I'll never desert you
Through your times of strife.

Once you have chosen me
You'll never look back.
Soon you'll be hooked
And then I'll really attack!

I'll strip all your dignity,
Morals and pride.
I'll claim your soul;
You'll feel dead inside.

I'm clever, I'm cunning,
I'm patient, I'm quick.
Once I've got a grip on you,
You'll soon become sick.

I'll take your money,
You'll beg, steal and lend.
You'll belong to me now,
And this nightmare won't end.

By the time that you realize
I'm not what I claim,
You'll be in the depths of despair
And this beast won't be tamed.

The feelings of self-loathing
Will become too much to bear,
But you chose to befriend me.
Yes, you put me there.

I'll take you places
You didn't know to be real.
I'll drag you down lower
Than you thought possible to feel.

If you knew this from the beginning,
Would you have stepped onto my ride?
Roll up, roll up,
You must quickly decide

I promised we'd be friends,
Said I'd be loyal and true,
But you didn't even ask my name.
.....I'm ADDICTION, that's who.