I try to workout diligently,
at least 3 times a week,
the muscles are tight and strong,
I'm certainly no geek,
I pump the iron, walk the track,
listen to my tunes,
but lately, I've been distracted,
watching for ms June
She's quite the lovely lady,
recently moved to this place,
she is French, with a sweet accent,
puts smiles on my face,


vous êtes home élégant she says to me,
her eyes sparkle bright,
I have no idea what that means,
so I just smile with delight
sometimes she reaches out,
and touches me on my arm,
de tels forts muscles she says,
and this makes me warm,
I need to study French I guess,
so I won't look the fool,
for all I know, there is a chance,
she is calling me a tool
the thing that's bad about this all,
is I work out way too long,
trying to impress this girl,
make her think I am King Kong,
now my muscles are getting sore,
I'm working way to hard,
if I keep this up much more,
I'll be searching for my doctor's card