I looked for a word to say,

but could not find one that day.

I wished for a word that would stay in your heart,
That would show you exactly what tore us apart.

I hate what you did; I hate you so deeply.
I hate what you said; I hate you so sweetly.

I look at you and cannot tell what's in your eyes.
I talk to you, but all that comes out of your mouth are lies.

I see how you hurt and I don't understand.
All your true feelings are kept in a far away land.

A land we called love,
But now it's destruction.

A land God made from above,
and now we call it seduction.

It's true in a way we both long for each other.
But we both seem to long for another.

Another person we both thought we were,
But now it seems that this person I thought you were is now a blur.

This is a bitter sweet heart that will end in destruction.
And this is a bitter sweet part that needs some construction.

Why I hold on, I do not know why.
I should move on yes, but I'd rather just die.

You caused destruction in my heart.
You caused destruction because you thought it would be smart.

I hate you, I hate you so deeply.
I hate you, but I'm hating you sweetly.