There are three kinds of angels in the world.

You have your Arch Angels who are the big deal celebrities of all angels
They only get involved in the most serious of mortal affairs
Their club is exclusive, open only to those with golden wings.
They say they  that they are guardians of all,
But do not protect, only intervene.

Then you have your Guardian angels  who are celebrities to mortals
They get involved but only in highly dangerous personal affairs
Their club is open, if you have white wings and a halo you're in.
They say that they are guardians assigned to certain people ,
To protect at all costs, even their immortal souls.
And then you have your shadow angels the ones that no one knows exist
They are involved with everything us mortals do
Their club does not exist, they stay in the shadows not drawing attention to their black wings and silver shields.
They do not claim to be guardians, only mere observers that report to the higher ups,
A special few though are guardians , guardians of those mortals who have seen
The Angel of Death.
And turned away.
These are the mortals that these shadow angels watch,
Those who need no protection, but a guiding hand.
That is what these black winged angels do.
Those special few watch over their special charges and let them know,
It will be alright.
That death is not impatient, he only wants the best.
That indeed it is not your time to go,
Death  can wait,
Life cannot.
But when their mortals time has come, they will be there with an outstretched hand.
So that they can take you to meet Death,
And acknowledge that it is indeed their time.
These are the angels that no one speaks about,
The ones who have no club,
Require no admiration,
Those angels who stand  alone in the shadows
Who keep the mortal race from despair.
They who are the champions of life,
and who guide us to our ends.
These angels.