I treated her like an empty egg

In an empty nest,
Arrogantly abandoned
In an abundance of aridness
In an undulating desert, deserted
Because I keep an Iceberg's cavity
Where my cold heart could be

Sometimes I was as placid as an Oasis
When I wanted to watch her sip
Or simply wanted something for nothing
And at first she just, simply, let me
...At first

But a few seasons after I'd dumped her
Onto that yellow fallow tundra
She transmuted simple sands into surplus glass
Fashioned fragile featherless wings!
Of forest-green, glittering

Shimmering, she
Forecast her own futuristic flight
What in the world was she thinking?!
We ALL know that I...
--and life--
Would never let her leave me like that!
Who else would ever lend her a sip?
Ah! It's hard to think with nothing (sips) to drink

But the oasis sat empty when I next witnessed it
The void vaster whenever I've visited it ever since

Someone, Come! Look!
Can't you see this vacancy in my chest cavity!?!
This is crude, cold-pressed evidence!
That cryogenic hearts CAN hurt
Do break! Do care! Do love!
Ain't no cure that can counteract that fact!

Still, there is a slim chance things will sting less
Once I've selected my next egg
And fabricated a new enfeebled nest