Freedom is life

Freedom is oxygen
Without freedom, the soul will die
Freedom is water
Without freedom, the body will die of thirsty
Freedom is the right to express
Without freedom, there will be no free speech
Freedom is wisdom
Without freedom, there will be no goodness
Freedom is to live
Without freedom is to die

Freedom is happiness
Without freedom is Sorrow
Be free like a bird, like a bird which never worries about tomorrow
Be free like a flower, a beautiful flower which spreads happiness with its beauty
Be free like a fish and swim through this ocean of this world
Fear and power are the shackles that keep freedom in solitary confinement,
Break the shackles of fear using Courage and bravery which gives birth to a child called Freedom
Freedom is to bring the inner child outside
Freedom is to break the ice of conventional wisdom
Freedom is to breath free and walk in the sky towards the lights
Freedom is not free, it has to be fought for.
Freedom is not easy, it has be endured tough battles of heart and body
Freedom is precious, do not waste it
Freedom is the heavenly fruit that is worth your time and life and everything it revolves around.