Open the door

the key is in my hand
I have already unlocked it
so open it,
walk into the room

the atmosphere is so... different from the hallway
I was just passing by,
I didn't know the key was in my hand all along
but here I am
I can see
the great Daylight shines through a wall of windows
I see I'm covered in dust and cobwebs
Shake it all off
I shed the dusty, 
clothes I wore
Oh the Daylight robes me in new clothes

the hall was so dark,
everything seemed a stumbling block
even the toys of memories
Though I am no longer a child,
the Daylight fills me with a child's joy
it is not pretend, no imaginary friend
everything is crystal and illuminated
the light floods through the room
down the hall
I can clean out the house now
I can dust every corner
wipe it down
throw out the tatter things that just take up space
I can polish the gifts that are meant to stay
blessing, blessing, blessing

I see clearly for the first time
and the house is so vast
I did not know
Everyday a new room
a new corner
throw open the curtains!
let the Daylight fill everything up
nothing left in shadow
nothing left to speculation
the change is perfection
the change is no shame
even when there is uncertainty
blessing, blessing, blessing

if I find another dark corner
I will ask for more light
Fill it up! Leave nothing untouched
why stay in dark,
in secret
there is nothing there but a lie
the Daylight is everything