There’s a city of angels where all angels dwell

A city of angels I can tell.
They wait for their assignments from
The saints up above
To watch over GODS children that he loves.

The city of angels where there is no such thing as sleep
The city of angels where the LORDS words they keep.
This is where they sing and rejoice and give praise
For their destinies have been laid.

This is a world of spirituality - something that
We as humans do not see.
A world where there is no sickness or pain
And all the angels are the same.

There is no such thing as color or religious barriers
For they are all the LORDS carriers.
Many get their wings in the transition
From life to death , and many have not gotten theirs yet.

When they get their wings it is a great feeling
Which gets their souls reeling.
It is like a bright star that enters you
And his love just radiates through.

The city of angels where true happiness lies
That is what you will find.
Your loved ones that have gone before you
Are there to see you thru, and to help you
At every turn, the same way that they had learned.

They see their subjects on a large monitor screen
And what that person is going thru, then the answers
Are left for you.
Like a multiple choice you must pick the one that’s right
To get them from the darkness to light.

But not to worry for there are no mistakes
In GODS heaven that can be made
For their destinies have also been laid.
You are there to strengthen them in their hours of need
And on your strength they do feed.

To all in the city of angels - I raise my head
And stand with pride , that one day soon
I’ll be by your side.