A leaf falls slowly to the ground,

going round, round and round,
first it was green, now it is brown,
every leaf is like a tear,
soft and gentle,
falling from the tree,
as if it were crying,
into the stream,
taken down the river,
and away it goes,

A petal sits on the ground,
red as the rose it fell from,
each petal is like tissue,
soft and kind to the touch,
butterflies once landed on it,
but now insects crawl over it,
a summer breeze gently blows,
the petal is taken up to the clouds,
away it goes,

A butterfly glides slowly around,
searching for flowers,
searching for nectar,
gliding on the summer breeze,
down to the river and the tear like leaves,
then up to the clouds and the tissue like petals,
then back to the flowers,
and away it goes