I hope he can express himself

Without breaking her boundaries
It is easy to forget
It hurts to remember
That he became a better man
On the day that he met her
A heart once cold

Ignited by her ember
How she turned his heart of leather
Into something tender
He sits on this lonely cold November
Pondering how a stranger
Could make his soul feel like he met her
In another life
In the depths of his dreams
Alone in the crowd
How the stars in her eyes
Made him feel seen
The monkey on his mind
She made him believe
That love was the gravity
That pulled on the seams
Of his stoic fa├žade
If there is a god
She is the essence of a pretty blonde
Sundresses and scars
She taught him that perfection
Is the product of our flaws
She is the songbird
Singing melodies through the jungle trees
The butterflies in his gut
The weakness in his knees
That is her
The universe could never do her justice with these words
Let him be frank
He owes you his life
A message of my thanks.