A friend of mine once asked me

Just how could I believe

In someone I never saw,

Nor spoken words received.

I thought, perhaps, I should explain

Just why I have no doubt

That it was God's creativeness

That brought this world about.

I only have to look around

To know that He is there.

I see and feel and hear Him.

That's why I'm so aware.

I see Him in the raindrops

That nourish trees and flowers.

I see Him in the rainbows

That sometimes follow showers.

I see Him in a mother's love

When looking at her child.

So thankful that this miracle

Is pure and undefiled.

I see Him in the wrinkled face

That's seen so many years,

Knowing it was faith in Him

That overcame all fears.

I hear Him when a meadowlark

Trills out its joyful song.

I hear Him when the thunder

Comes forth so loud and strong.

I see the beauty of Him

In the butterflies on wing.

The feathers of the peacock

Are the colors He can bring.

I feel Him when a playful breeze

Blows gently through my hair.

When the sun shines warmly on my face,

I know that He is there.

His strength shows in the mountains

And the ever pounding seas.

A kitten's purred affection

Shows how gentle love can be.

It's true I have no pictures

To hang upon my wall.

I do not need a portrait,

His presence to recall.

For those who wish to listen,

It is played throughout the land.

The symphony of life itself,

Directed by His hand.