I can only breath by you.

I can only see by you.
Only you giving me an energy
Living energy to persuade
all circumstances to change.
Change everything what will can happen.

Be aside the situation which are painful
to my body and to my soul.
Now you see how complicated it is.
I can only breath by you.
You must be there each second.
Each my blink of eye you notice.
Each burst of my heart you feel.
Now you see how hard to live
like this it is.

We two are in one. But you are not my love.
We are not soul mate or lover.
But complete strangers to each other.
Now you see how tough it is.

Will we be one soul  sometime in the future?
Never. It would be the mistake and misery.
I want go back and have my freedom to breath.
Without you inside me. I can´t hear you. anymore.
How purify and quiet moment occured me.
Forever free. Forever without you. Only me.