As I walk through the woods,

I see a stump where a tree once stood.

The once-mighty oak laying down for a nap,
Still as can be on the forest's lap.

I choose to sit and admire the sight
In plenty of time for the first morning light.

Plants glistening with morning dew,
A robin enjoys his carefully perched view.

Animals begin to scurry all about,
The most beautiful scene, there is no doubt.

'Cause when the April storm took its toll,
The forest's top discovered a hole

Right where the fallen oak rests silently,
Long after winds swirled so violently.

The wind spared this forest, well, all but one
And filled the gap with the morning sun.

For it is that beautiful beam of light,
That pours through the opening so very slight,

That beckons me to this quiet, peaceful place,
All within Mother Nature's grace

To sit and watch the forest floor,
Through the beam each day, once more.