The grass so soft here where I lay

The sun shines bright this wondrous day
I ponder upon what held me fast
To those who kept me in my past
And there you came to take my hand
To lift me up and let me stand

How gentle your words, your loving kiss
Your eyes, your touch, your love I’ll miss
But time has come for me to break
The bonds that held not for my sake
Just me alone to take my step
To cleanse the pain that I have wept

Yet without you, I’d never know
How good the things that life can show
And so I say my time has come
To let you go to share with some
That needs you now though I will stay
Within the shadow, be that as may

Forever you will hold my heart
And never shall my love do part
For you alone will remain the flame
Your happiness always be my aim
Stay as you are, for you are truth
May your care and guidance always soothe

So now it’s time for me to fly
On my own, but tis not goodbye
You are within me as I have said
I'll walk the path that you have led
So think of this as sheer success
To know that you have truly blessed
The one that writes with pen in hand
The one who loves you until the end

I love you baby...forever