One has to understand detachment not by definition but by observation. Attachment means, “without this or that I refuse to be happy”. If one is locked into this trap of attachment, then one’s is suffocated and feels imprisoned. Detachment is not being indifferent; in fact, attachment is being indifferent to the wholeness of life and being stuck to what you want. This is a form of being indifferent. Detachment is being objective, one respects what one wants and also to not be limited to what one wants. The sense of objectivity brings in impersonal approach, which makes one available to the whole. Hence it is said, “If one door closes the other door opens”. So one is not stuck to what one wants. There is more sense and sensitivity in this approach. Quality of life is better with detachment. That is why a surgeon will find it difficult to operate on his own child for he is intensely attached and in that attachment, objectivity is lost.

In detachment, your love can be directed to the whole and the whole includes the parts.

If one does not feel one belongs, it is due to lack of love in one’s life. The moment you are in love, you are connected; there is no disconnection.

Look at detachment in a different way -- don’t get identified. The moment you get identified you feel trapped. Everyone in their respective countries is getting identified and hence becomes personal, and there are so many wars and all these wars are in the name of peace; all of them feel they love their country. To love one’s country is different from being identified. If you love your country, one does good to one’s country, and if the country hates other countries then, not being attached, you will not get identified with that foolishness and hence educate one’s countrymen and not blindly follow. Attachment brings in possessiveness, and when one is possessive, it is torture to oneself and to the other.

When you actually experience detachment, everything becomes alive, and only in that state of aliveness one can experience the divine. This is the vision of religion. You will not wait for God; you will experience God. You will live in love and hence live in God for God is love.

I am here, you are there, the trees are there, moon is there, and everything is alive and hence no need to be attached but be alive to the poetry of life, the flora and fauna. I exist in the totality in which you also exist. Open your eyes and see the benediction of life. The possibility of closing your eyes is because of attachment and detachment is opening your eyes. This is what I am saying :

“Loving the flora and fauna is freeing you from the prison of the parts

Loving the actual is freeing one from the illusion of one’s fantasy

To such a mystery of love, let my world be awake”