Didn't listen to a word they said,

Don't let it go to  your head,
No sweeter than a siamese cat,
A pillow soft to follow that.

I am me I am honesty,
I am me to be honest highly modest,


To dress you up not incorrect,
As I lead you on that subject txt,
No sense of cure no maintenance here,
No in betweens to acetate fewer.

I am me I'm honesty,
I am modest to be honest.

To the people on the street,
In all my work friends up all week,
And in glory you appear,
At night you disappear.

I am me I'm honesty.
I am modest to be honest,

In private times asking this big question,
Its easy to sell in one direction.
A give or take its hard to make,
Give me one more big suggestion.

I am me I'm honesty,
I am modest I do promise,

I am me I'm honesty,
I'm getting away from my O'Reily office.