These days, worry, depression and exhaustion are at epidemic levels even in prosperous countries, where material needs are being fully met. How can we find the peace that we are all looking for, so desperately? Peace is energy created inside. When you and I speak and listen with peace, this energy increases. Whether the crises we face are physical or mental or with regard to the environment and public health, each one of us in the world is affected. But once I learn to stabilise my mind, it will give me the strength to face all these challenges in the best ways I can, If I free myself from negative emotions, I will find myself having good thoughts, filled with positive feelings towards others. This will help create a peaceful and loving atmosphere.

When there is physical illness, you may go to the doctor and get prescribed some medicine. But when you are experiencing sorrow, what will you say or do? What will your mind be like when you think negative thoughts? Whether this negativity is directed towards the self or others, the mind feels unhappy. Either way, such thoughts commit violence to the self.

Together with sorrow, there is also peacelessness.

When you allow yourself to become peaceless, you will interact with others in the same way and you won’t be able to speak sweetly or peacefully with them. If there is no peace or love in my mind, it is as though the mind and heart are dry and thirsty. The mind becomes restless and races like crazy. Then it is difficult to sleep. The vicious cycle goes on. My head must remain cool and not instantly react. Not even reject. Let there be acceptance of the scene. This acceptance makes me peaceful inside. Then my peaceful feelings alone will help the situation. Also, I’ll know better what to do and what not to do. To experience sorrow is an act of senselessness. Remember this very well. When you feel sorrow about something, you are lacking some understanding. For whom should I feel sorrow? Does it help either me or would it help others?
There has to be a pure, clean love between you and God — not bargaining or seeking a compromise. I need to be grateful and remember God with a heart that is honest. When you purify yourself from within, you are living in a body, but in a state of such perfection as to reveal God’s qualities in human form.