Traveling In an Overcrowded Bus. Traveling by bus is not an enjoyable experience and I prefer travelling by my car. But never ever travel in an over-crowded bus. It is not only an ordeal to enter an overcrowded bus but to buy your ticket, maintain vertical posture and alight at your destination without injury to your limbs or property is also a feat.

Once I was standing at the head of the queue and did not enter as the bus was over-crowded, when a friend came tearing from the rear. She almost forced me to board the bus telling me not to worry as somebody would give seats to us ladies.

Inside the bus, it was like the plight of packed sardines, which try to get out of the tin from its bottom. I had to move from the entrance to the exit, buy my ticket and that too in a bus which was not just packed to capacity but was not even meant for carrying standing passengers. In the process, many boots stepped on my shoes and I too trod on many boots.

A Journey In An Overcrowded Bus Essay | Essay on A Journey In An Overcrowded  Bus for Students and Children in English

Twice I found myself in very uncomfortable positions. Once, because a co-passenger tried to relieve his sufferings by smoking. Unable to bear the smoke, I moved away quickly. Believe me, it was not that easy. From the frying pan to the fire was never truer than in this case. I found myself next to a stinking man. I moved again.

Fortunately my friend’s prediction came true. A young man knight without armor offered me his seat near the exit. My misery came to an end. I resolved never again to travel by an overcrowded bus.