For years we’ve adored Shah Rukh Khan as an idol who came from nowhere and took Bollywood by storm, sweeping away all awards without a Godfather. But when a woman marches ahead achieving almost the same, we start digging deep. Our efforts to pull down a talent with two national awards, owing to her not so socially or politically correct past, is commendable. The truth is, it is difficult to accept that a woman has emerged as a threatening game-changer for the ever patriarchal Bollywood.

Never made any efforts to make friends within Bollywood: Kangana Ranaut |  Business News

 The recent Kangana – Hrithik war has raised many eye-balls. If you look closely, there are multiple issues creating a wall of difference not only between the stars but also in audience perceptions, as it redefines some basic concepts on the conventional gender equations of this country. This article is not meant to be a feminist ballad for Kangana Ranaut. Rather, this is an attempt to understand the experiments of a modern Indian woman with herself.

Very few can stand on the fragile platform of Bollywood, claiming that the presence of the Khans doesn’t decide her choice of films, the script does. Howsoever arrogant this might sound, a survey through the past trends would confirm that Kangana is a professional ‘manglik‘! Every time she teamed up with high profile heroes, the films have tanked. So it makes sense for her to choose the script and not the brand she is working with.

Who is Kangna as a brand? A fantastic actor, self-made and successful. Period. But do we really fantasize her? How many men would call her the woman of their dreams? How many women want to be like her? India can handle a successful woman, but the country still hiccups when it comes to a bold woman. It was the year 2000 when Sushmita Sen shocked the country by adopting a girl child with no guarantee of having a husband in her near future. We celebrated her courage. But secretly, we were intimidated by her. It’s been sixteen years since. Nothing has changed.

Kangna Ranaut’s confidence is not limited to her career goals. Her relationships, that are reported and gossiped about, have mainly hovered around married men.