Most of us are victims to the machinations of our mind. The mind sits over us as a tyrant and we readily consent to be its slaves.

He is truly happy who has broken the thraldom of the mind — truly happy, because he is truly free.

The mind of such a person becomes his friend, a co-partner in the constructive, creative tasks of life.

In case of so many of us, alas, the mind is our dearly foe. Held fast in its grip, we feel miserable.

And we feel utterly helpless.

So many of our ills would be cured if only we could change the pattern of our mind. Change the mind and you change the world.

Nowadays, undue emphasis is given on the ‘work’ side of life.

Work has its place in life; but more important than ‘work’ is ‘thought’.

Take care of your thoughts.

Every thought is a force that we generate for our good or evil. It is not our fault if evil thoughts come to us and tear into bits the fabric of good life that we may have gradually built. But it is our fault if we welcome evil thoughts and let them germinate in the soil of our mind; out of them will grow trees of bitter fruits that we shall have to swallow.

When we accept evil thoughts, we, as it were, attach ourselves to dark powers; we fall into their clutches before we know it; we create ‘hell’ for ourselves.

If we think good thoughts — thoughts of love and compassion, of beauty and joy, of faith and freedom, of peace and wisdom — we invite to ourselves good forces, forces of light, and, in that measure, we create ‘heaven’ around ourselves.