Good Deeds are so precious
They are wonderful things
All are filled with compassion
Oh!...the happiness they bring!
They are gifts...they are blessings
They can not be corrupted You can't buy them with cash
And they whisper so clear
And they come in a flash!
Good Deeds have a Voice
They tell of the darkness;
Of great tragedies, deep poverty Things wrapped up in fear!

Deep sorrows - fierce pains They will whisper of wishes That have turned into shame
For someone like you
Some tell of the hopeless Knowing not what to do They don't realize they are waiting
A Good Deed can be all
When desperate times...Oh! Destructions...they come! Good Deeds with compassion Will bring hope to some
Keep an eye open too;
That it takes at times They will help others turn From the dark to sunshine! Do keep an ear open They may tell of a Good Deed
By fulfilling their needs
That is waiting for you! How sweet are the feelings That comes from Good Deeds As you bless someone else Good Deeds are quite precious
They are filled with compassion 
Very powerful things..
See? The hope that they bring?