In our modern competitive life there is enoromous pressure of society on the person from cradle to grave.We are opening schools for younger and younger children with coroporate names.Even otherwise in every small sector or locality we have kindergartens or day-care centres.As the child grows proportionately the pressure of parents to come first in class and the house becomes a coaching centre forgetting that in a class of thirty children ,even if they all study,mug up facts 24 hours a day and all get tutions and best coaching possible still there will be only one child first and rest will follow up to the one who comes the last.Result is that in most premium institutes like IIT'S,IIM'S AND AIIMS OR PGI We find students committing suicides-make no mistake they are best of the best we have.Obviously in our life and times we have got it wrong somewhere.We are selling books to be most successful,best salesman,win most friends,be the wealthiest,richest and most famous.

Can this trend of treating a human being a commercial commodity be curbed-because almost all of us are getting caught or trapped in this rat race to nowhere.

We have become pressure cookers and incresing the pressure progressively to burst any moment.Can there be another method of living a simple life where we can smile,laugh and play taking life simply as it comes.Today even comedy,laughter and happinessjoy and bliss have become big buisness whether worldlyor spiritual.There is so much preaching with its own competition in religion and spirituality that it only ends up increasing the burden on overburdened life.