Seasons I know, are not too high and not too low,

Just like the rain, the sun and the snow.
Seasons are green, seasons are blue,
But never do we know when they pass by you.
Some are bright while some are dark,
But some are just close to our heart.
There are seasons of love, and seasons of hate,
Seasons of joy, but all this god creates.
Seasons will come; seasons will go,
Just like passengers in a train that we don’t know.
Seasons are different seasons are unique
Just like some people who come our dreams.
Seasons are two and sometimes four,
But love once happened will happen no more.
Beaches are the spot when summer comes along,
Our beds make our crib when winter dawns.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Seasons | Discover Magazine

Autumn is yellow, when leaves fall low
Down on earth making the roads all glow.
Spring is new, blooming and bright
There are flowers and fruits and much far off sight.
These are, seasons I know, seasons I see, seasons I feel, touch and breathe.