The Zebra smiles at the Lion

Who is wondering when he gets fed
The Rhino looks across at the Zebra
and this is what he said.....

"Why are you grinning my friend
especially at the old  Lion over there"
The Zebra replied that he was in a good mood
and to be judged just is  not being fair.

"I was not judging just a little bemused
and wondering why the good mood todtay
he saw no reason for it  - he wanted some mud
a nice dollop of sticky mud to have a **** good play.

But he knew life was not a bowl of cherries
not that cherries are his overall delight
No rains meant no mud and certainly n o smiles
not unless he put up one hell of a **** fight

The Zebra hated mud could not see the attraction
cherries gave him wind too  and at both ends
What a mess I'd be in he thought he started to think
Looking over at the Lion - what a strange signal he sends

The Lion was drooling over Zebra kebabs and Rhino stew
a little carrot and parsley he thought would be nice
drenched in gravy - his eyeballs spun round - they noticed
and ran off fast they dd not need telling twice.

Blast thought the Lion wheres my dinner gone
has the place gone mad and have I gone wild
This time the Rhino understood the Zebra
and this time they both stood and smiled