And then, in that unspeakable, superstitious, at once frightening temper: The biological current of immortality crashed into our bodies like the lightning-giant mountain giants of lightning. Then my two vibrating and seeing pupils began to ram and vibrate silently, the heartbreaking prayer “send heart to heart”! Hair dumplings pinched the jungle of my chest and pierced with the spikes of your bush

their rosy, believing faces tickled, but you didn't mind! Love made you obsessed, and you would have traveled to the stars if you knew you could still find Him there, you could reach Him! - Wavy, gentle amber tendrils stretched into raven-night silence like fishermen throwing a net:


They could keep and encircle the prey: Hairy boy-animal! Infected with half-heartedness! "You have gracefully driven your marble neck over my shoulders, your idyllic daydreams have opened New Worlds to me." A mischievous goodness cheated on your eyes in two eyes, I also learned the secrets of your sigh!

Oh, but still! Threatened Depression into the Khar├╝bdis Gorge, you were afraid to follow me among our inevitable transgressions! In the meantime, I have always called for you: If you chased and stranded the desert, lonely loneliness. If my body was reduced to boiled-cancer by bombarding rays, and if I screamed at night while seeing nightmares because you weren’t by my side to shake my boss with your swan hand!                                                                                          
And if you sometimes hit the ****** trombones of your temper, you know, I forgave them all! Just ask yourself the eternal, irrevocable question: Was your hurtful swear word right while you acted on the laws of your heart?