Do you know that less than 10% of New Year’s Resolutions are actually achieved? The problem with resolutions is that they aren’t specific and they don’t create habits to work towards the goal.

Here’s how to make those resolutions into goals that you can actually achieve.

Most people set a resolution of something like “I want to lose weight.”

The problem with this phrase is that it’s vague and un-actionable.

Instead, try setting a realistic monthly goal for how much weight you want to lose.

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Tips for Monthly Goal Success

  • Only choose one goal per month.

  • Goal does not have to be big..just one you can work on every day.


Once you decide on a monthly goal, it’s time to take action.

Break down the goal into small, actionable steps you can do every day.

Remove all obstacles that will keep you from your goal.

For example, if your goal is to work out every day. Set your gym clothes and sneakers next to your bed at night. Then when you wake up in the morning, you can put them off and head to the gym without giving it a second thought.

What if your goal is to quit drinking soda? Remove all soda from your home and replace it with other drink options.

I decided to quit soda five years ago. I committed to going without soda for 30 days.

So, I removed all the soda (Coke was my go-to) from my home. Then I replaced it with sparkling water.

I’m not going to lie, for the first ten days, I really craved Coke and even had dreams about it!

But after that, it got easier.

At the end of 30 days, I decided to just keep going.

About six month later, I was out to lunch with my family and my daughter ordered a Coke.

I took a sip and I couldn’t believe how sweet and syrupy it was. I had absolutely no interest in drinking it any more!

That was five years ago and I haven’t had any soda since then!

What I was most important to me, though, more than giving up Coke, was the fact that I could actually accomplish that goal.

That knowledge has helped me set lots of other goals in all aspects of my life and know that I can see them through.


Do whatever it takes to keep your monthly goal and daily task to achieve it at top of mind.

  • Set reminders on your phone.

  • Add task to your daily to do list.

  • Put sticky note reminders on your fridge, bathroom mirror, and computer.

  • Create a tracker in your planner or bullet journal.

  • Tell a friend about your goal and ask them to help keep you motivated all month.

Monthly Goal Ideas

Where should you start with setting monthly goals?

Well, the goals don’t have to be big. In fact, you are much more likely to have success by making a little progress every day.

To help you kick things off, here are 52 monthly goals for you to choose from.

I’ve added lots of links to help you choose the right goal to suit and improve your life.

In addition, I divided the goal ideas into categories that are the most popular areas where people want to make changes.

Categories include work, fitness, dietary/health, personal development, self care, and financial goals.


  • Use time blocking- how to use time blocking to get the most out of your daily schedule

  • Only check email twice/day

  • Try Pomodoro method for productivity

  • Clean and organize your desk -

  • Find a mentor

  • Join a mastermind group in your industry

  • Improve your typing speed

  • Organize your paperwork/files

  • Organize your digital files

  • Clean up your email folders

  • Find a new job

  • Attend networking events

  • Update your LinkedIn profile

  • Update your resume

  • Get professional headshots

  • Use apps to get more organized and efficient such as,,,,

  • Take an online class to improve your skills and advance your career


    • Walk 10k steps/day for a month

    • Go to the gym every day for a month

    • Try a new exercise for a month such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, biking, weight lifting, or jumping rope

    • 30-day plank challenge

    • Couch to 5k running challenge

    • 30-day sleek arms challenge

    • Little black dress challenge

    • Lose the love handles challenge

    • 30-day push up challenge

    • 30-day yoga challenge


    • Cut out sugar

    • No caffeine for a month - 10 health benefits of living caffeine free

    • Drink more water and monitor your water intake all month

    • Eat breakfast every morning - top 5 health benefits of eating breakfast

    • Replace soda for water for the month - how to stop drinking soda

    • Quit alcohol for 30 days

    • Pack your lunch instead of buying it - here are 52 cheap and easy ideas

    • No snacking for 30 days

    • Give up fast food for 30 days

    • Lose 10 pounds in a month

    • Try meal prepping


    • Read one book a month

    • No TV for 30 days

    • Make your bed every morning

    • Clean out your closet

    • Start a capsule wardrobe and only wear those items

    • Take up a mindful hobby such as knitting, bullet journaling, or painting

    • Volunteer - 12 ways to get started volunteering

    • Declutter your home

    • Learn something new


    • Take a tech break from your phone

    • Start a gratitude journal

    • Keep a mood tracker

    • No complaining - 30 days of no complaining

    • Go makeup-free for a month


    • Quit eating out for 30 days

    • Put money aside every day - Every time you spend money using your debit card, an app like will round up to the nearest dollar and save that money for you.

    • Don’t buy new clothes for a month - How to make cute outfits with clothes you already have

    • Use the cash envelope system

    • Sell your old clothes

    • Create a budget you can stick to

    • Start an emergency fund

    • Skip Starbucks, make coffee at home - 6 ways to make coffee at home without a coffee maker

    • Only buy generic brands at the grocery store