I met her almost a decade back in Malviya Nager, New Delhi. Her name was Mira a eunuch. The immature I was dejected because of the continuous rejections in job interviews. Realizing my nose dive morale she broke the ice and said while we both shared the same auto “Your rejections are temporary look at me and my community we had been ostracized by the society unreasonably”.

From that day to till 2014, I never felt dejected though I was rejected many more times. Since the aggressive rise of fascism, bit mature me started feeling restless and broke all over again I seek for an answer. Why I had been looked down upon by my compatriots because of my faith.

The faith, which preaches “one is either a brother in faith or in humanity” which is synonymous to Vasudev kutmbhkum (The whole world is a family). I don’t claim myself to be a nationalist, a considerable patriot, proud Muslim or a proud Indian but what I can make sure of is my responsibility towards my country and to my faith which compliments each other. Is it rocket science to understand somebody who loves his faith will naturally love his motherland?

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I always believe love is a phenomenon, which does not require any reasons. Hatred is propaganda, which will always have unreasonable reasons what are those reasons because of which sense of belongingness is diminishing in leaps and bounds with every passing day since May 2014. Is it the matter of religious sentiments or the basic human tendency of sadism, which one nurture in them consequently urging us to become a part of the mob or enjoy watching violence on Roads while having popcorn on our comfortable couch? Is it the same mentality that people make videos of a dying man on the roadside not offering help? What does religion have to do with this barbarism? My quest to quash the illogical reasons, which empowers the propaganda of hatred to spread so diabolically that even the lynching of a fellow human being becomes the order of the day and justifiable, made me a restless soul and a reader. I strive to seek an answer if I am in no compromising situation on singing Vande Matram because I cannot worship anybody except GOD did this reluctance made me a less patriot or the lesser Indian?.

If it is so then while correcting my five-year-old daughter on national anthem beta it is not Banga its bang gave me goose Bumps and adrenalin rush which are inexplicable. Reluctance to coercion be it forcing nationalism or religious views and practices is human nature because Man is born free not a slave. To love my mother and the motherland (India) more or less have the same reasons. Mother is the first and foremost teacher of a child. The same is the case with my country I wonder how fortunate I am to take birth in a country where the sound of azan and the bells of bhajan mellifluously mixing early in the morning teaching me the essence of intermingling and pluralism will I be able to get this solace seeking experience in any other country. The languages the dialects folk dances the snake charmers the kullhad ki chai. the dishes .the wells. the baudi of Rajasthan, every state, every city, every village of my country had something in it to make me learn new things as I move on in my life. I belong to the land of Taj which taught me Athithi Devo Bhavah . I love my country because it teaches me the beauty of diversity and imbibing different cultures to become a personality out of a person.