As the India went into lockdown on 23 March, co-worker Mr.Khan decided to reach out to the world by livestreaming six walks a week from in or around the Foundation’s two sites, The Park Shahu Udyan. Mr.Khan  is focaliser of the team which normally delivers programmes to participants so he decided that if the world couldn’t come to us, he would go to them.

I joined him on 25 April and we each began to offer three walks a week, both live and then available recorded on web platform.

What an honour and a privilege this has been. Whatever mood I’m in when I begin, I am so uplifted and inspired by the end. From a rather wobbly start as I learned to juggle my phone while walking, chatting and answering comments, sometimes even holding an umbrella, I’ve relaxed into this wonderful form of openhearted connection.

Some days I am chatting with people from New Mumbai to Pune, Goa to Belgum,  and everywhere in between. Some are just waking with the dawn, some are having lunch, others are up late. It is a pure delight to provide this space for a joyful and reassuring sense of family. And so sweet that all five of my sisters in  Pune have joined me from time to time.

I am so touched by the regular ‘walkers’ who have got to know each other and say hello every day, offering support and information. It is a wonderful community and has proved beyond a doubt that deep connection can happen online. This is indeed ‘love in action’.

Ram Dass: We’re all just walking each other home.

I love communing with our global family as we attune together, wander, share wisdom and challenges, discuss the latest  news, paddle in the waves, bounce through the heather, explore different aspects of The Shahu Udyan, forest bathe, river gaze, and even sing together. Our daily angel (we have been chosen by Wisdom, Clarity, Kindness, Play, Spontaneity, Obedience and many others) always evokes thought and comment.

I smile hearing how many Palolem beach stones are scattered all over the world, and how the walks bring back happy memories, or strengthen intentions to visit or return. I especially love hearing how the walks have supported those who feel lonely and isolated, or who are in hospital or in a sickbed.