There are winners, then there are the ones hoping to win,

I'm not talkin bout a race,
I'm talkin bout our fight on sin.

Sure I'm talking religiously
I feel the need to talk rather
So let me hit you with a couple of lines,
and see the word "Humanity" and how the people defines
More Human, Less Humanity -
Humanity is a collective, a race altogether,
how are we together,
we we hurt one another?
We've got children dying in the streets,
tired, hungry and poor,
they don't even need to be in streets,
but behind closed

Where's our humanity,
when we need it the most,
or is it just imagination,
a figment of a

Humanity is defined as the actions that we do,
like the golden rule, treat me,
how I treat
Well I can treat you all sorts of nasty,
does that mean you have to get me back,
when I turn around, are you on the attack?

Humanity is both, and neither these things,
it's the person here, and alive, with a different song to sing.
Each person, is conscious of thought
and is freely able to defend themselves, with everything they got.

But here's the kicker,
when humanity steps in,
we're all confronted with
our own little sin.

How do we defeat an enemy so plain and clear,
when the only enemy
is ourselves
ourselves that we fear?

We go to seminars,
we read books for inspiration and relief,
trying to mask the pain
replacing pain and sorrow,
with mask of joy for a moment so brief.

We'll hope someone else,
is there to pull our weight,
when we really need to do is first
step right through the gate.

Yes we can, and should rely on others,
but don't expect our new found friends, to treat us better than our mothers.
The burden of this world, is shared upon us all,
but should we relax and not do our solemn duties to each other,
then together we shall fall.

So upward humanity!
Rise and face the coming day!
We've got too many problems,
let us go and not delay!
We can't fight them all,
but one by one we'll make them fall,
give me time, I'll show you reason,
I'll fight every day of every season.

Humanity have faith! In God and His Son!
Have faith in our Savior, and the War is already won!
Humanity, lean! Together shoulder to shoulder we stand!
We don't want world peace,
but some peace is all we demand!

Where the world is struck by war, disease and famine too,
it almost seems like there,
is very little we can do.

But fear not, my dear Humanity,
worry for us no more,
we've got so much fight left in us,
give us time enough to show that devil his way
our the door.

Humanity, don't give up, on us we do ask,
to fight the good fight, to help us complete our task.

I'm bound to humanity, for the simple sake of love,
Because I've been so commanded,
by my God up Above.

Humanity, hold on,
the Calvary is on its way,
so hold your ground Humanity,
I say hold your ground this day.