So fiery, beautiful, unique and ever true

Passion burns strongly, ever purely, forever you
Like no other feeling known to man
Consumes, absorbs like nothing else can
What is a life
But filled with strife
If it has no passion to its name
For it takes passion to play the game
And how boring it must be,
Certainly not life for me,

To have no passion raging in your heart
To be that empty would tear me apart
Nothing at all like it but lust
And even that bites its sad dust
Because lust is only passion diluted with greed
And passion diluted is knocked from its steed
Far less noble, though passion perhaps not noble at all
For it causes even the bravest, strongest, smarts to fall
The best of hearts, best of brains, best of bodies, best of souls
Would set aside their aspirations, ambitions, and goals
Would bend their backs and give their lives
To feel the blades of passion’s knives
Fires of passion burning true
Fires of passion for you and me
Take a sip of eternal fire
Let it heal wounds most dire
Passion in fire
And fire in passion
Together they stand
United their brand
Forever true and eternally wild
Ever burn the fires of passion