Be kind, because we’re only here for a little while,

and we’re here together

on the same blue and green planet,

under the same deep sky,

born of the same mystery and the same things that keep the world spinning.

Be kind, because you don’t know every ounce of a person’s past,

or what their future holds.

You can hear what they share, 

But what of the pains and grief and fear they don’t yet have the voice to bare?

What about the cracks in their heart

where the light hasn’t poured in?

What about these sorts of things?

Be kind, because there’s hidden sorrow everywhere.

Random Kindness - Jason T Smith

There are mountains of anxiety too high to climb.

There are emotions too raw to be set free.

A polite smile is a master of disguise,

even the heartiest people hurt sometimes.

There are those who know a dread so deep, an unspeakable depth,

as deep as the deepest seabed.

There are dreams hiding like pearls within shells of defense.

There are shadows fencing people in.

Rain falls in the brightest places.

For so many of us, it’s true

that we’re stronger than we seem

because we’re going through so much more than you can see.

Be kind, because we need your kindness more than even

we know.

And no matter which side of the fence you’re on,

no matter how bright or how heavy or how empty your heart feels today,

be proud that you’re doing what you can

to make it through each day.

Be proud that you’re strong enough to be kind to others

even when your own heart breaks inside.

Be proud because you’re human.

Be proud because you’re here.

Be proud because no matter your past,

you never know what the future holds for you.

Be kind to yourself, too.