Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond my control,

causing this deep ache in the bottom of my soul.

Someone else is pulling the strings,
oh to fly, oh for wings.

Escape, I want to dig my self out,
filled with despair, filled with doubt.

Mute not able to express,
this gnawing pain and feeling of relentless distress.

Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,
silent screams that no one can hear.

I try to speak but nothing can express,
this feeling of sadness and worthlessness.

Emotional pain, walks with me through the day,
and sleeps with me through the night,
leaving me depletes with no strength to fight.

Anger for not having the courage to turn things around,
keeping me anchored to this remorse,
not able to untie the chains and change my course.

How To Be A Pure Soul? | Wrytin

False pride rules supreme,
always there to whisper in my ear.

Time, wasted and badly spent,
lots of hurt, lots to repent.

Solace, please come and calm my soul,
for this is what I need to make me whole.

Empathy, what I need is for someone to see,
someone to see the real me.

Love with no strings,
just giving generously amongst other things.

Words, when used as a weapon can cut like a knife,
capable of doing so much damage and take the joy out of life,

but softly spoken and softly expressed
can bring so much happiness.